POWER INVERTER 12V DC to 120v AC 2000/4000 WATTS


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Compact and convenient, Durafied® Power Inverters make running electrical equipment for mobile applications simple and safe. They are not a power source themselves, but enable the power generated by your car battery or other 12V source, to be used by devices that need to be plugged into a traditional electrical outlet. With enhanced features like an automatic shut off when the power load or temperature exceeds capacity, and multiple electrical outlets, this is a modern convenience that you should not be without. Durafied® Power Inverters are manufactured with the highest quality components. Designed to convert DC power to AC power, our customers use power inverters in their cars, boats, and RVs to transfer battery power to electrical devices such as cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, heaters, small televisions, satellites, audio equipment, and much more! Connections are simplified by using the cables supplied with your inverter. It is an essential piece of equipment for both everyday situations and emergencies when traditional power sources may be unavailable or unreliable.

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Max continuous output – 2000W Peak/surge capacity – 4000w Normal Input voltage – 12V, DC Input voltage range 11-14DC Max efficiency – 90% Output voltage – 115VAC ± 5% Output frequency – 60Hz ± 2Hz Output waveform – Modified Sine Wave Low voltage shutdown – 10.5 ± 0.5V Over voltage shutdown – 15.5 ± 0.5V No load current draw – 0.7A Recommended input wire size – #2 Recommended ANL fuse size – 500A Dimensions – 14-1/4″ Length x 6″ Width x 3″ Height Built in remote control jack. (Remote sold separately)

Key Features:

Low battery automatic shutdown and alarm. High voltage overload and short circuit fail safe. Reverse Polarity fail safe. Fused – safeguarding sensitive circuitry will not get fried. Compact size, light weight, and high 90% efficiency. High surge current capacity to operate TV’s, motors, and other inductive loads. Thermal protection. Larger ventilation holes. Built-in high quality cooling fans to keep circuitry cool. Soft start technology. Integrated mounting bracket. Anodized finish. Brand new in the box (factory sealed).


POWER INVERTER POWER CABLES (2 Sets of cables for model) ($30.00 VALUE)


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